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At Quartz Coatings, we specialise in installing high-quality and durable permeable paving for residential, recreational, industrial and commercial paving projects.  Quartz Coatings will transform the quality, appeal and value of your flooring and can protect your floor from discoloration and damage caused by daily foot traffic and wear. Also available in a high-gloss finish, this coating will retain its appeal for years to come. 

Natural stone colours, unique texture and incredible durability is what separate the quality of our quartz stones carpet from our competitors. At Quartz Coatings we understand the importance of design and application for each individual project, which is why we offer state of art flooring solutions to suit your needs. With its high-quality finish yet low maintenance durability, Quartz Coatings is a great investment for your next residential, commercial or industrial project. 

Our experienced floor resurfacing advisors will visit you and learn more about your paving needs. They will discuss your  options, provide samples and help you choose the right colour scheme or alternatively custom design  colours to suit your individual needs. Our highly experienced installers will provide, quality workmanship and peace of mind. Contact us today for a free inspection and quote. 


Quartz Coatings are trusted specialists in quartz stone flooring & permeable paving


We know what it takes to have a successful project from the design stage to the end result. We offer complete specifications for many different solutions.


Quartz Coatings solutions are unmatched in the industry and will provide you with superior durability with real Quartz Stone but NOT a fake cheap river stones.


A revolutionary innovation that makes maintenance easier, faster, more efficient and more sustainable; Nanoparticles adhere to the surface, so that other substances do not get any grip on them. An ultra-thin, vitreous layer forms, which guarantees an extreme shelf life. The Nano effect is also called lotus effect, because the leaves of the lotus flower keep themselves clean and are insensitive to moisture and dirt in the same way.


Quartz stone is a precious stone composed of minerals from crystal group. The hardness level of the quartz stone, which has the crystallization feature, is very high. It is very resistant to sudden changes in temperature. The self-cleaning aspect (light rain is sufficient), stable UV durability greatly improve the durability to corrosion and continued crumbling, is resistant to soot, dirt, dust, mildew and mold pollution. In this manner Nano-Stone ST-3 protects and preserves, as new, the initial attributes of the coated surface for an extended period of many years.