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Quartz Stone is resilient and highly durable consisting of 1-3mm (interior) and 3-5mm (exterior) quartz stones combined with a high-quality polyurethane binder.

Quartz carpet, a seamless blend of natural quartz crystals, epoxy resin, and pigments, offers durable and visually pleasing flooring for both interior and exterior spaces; its application over existing flooring depends on the condition and type of the current floor.

Cost will vary case-by-case, taking into account simply the surface’s size and condition. Get in touch with us for a free consultation.

We can effortlessly design a colour scheme to fit your needs and preferences, however we now carry 12 popular colour combinations.

Given that quartz stone is UV stable, slip-resistant, and long-lasting, it makes an excellent flooring material for outdoor spaces and pool surrounds.

The quartz stones feature a naturally tumbled and rounded form, boasting a smooth finish without any sharp edges, fragments, or crevices.

The quartz stone flooring system fully complies with under-floor heating requirements.

Quartz stone, approved by NATA for slip resistance, is an ideal flooring choice for pool surrounds, patios, showers, ramps, and walkways.

The Quartz Coatings Installer assesses the floor, addresses open cracks, repairs them, fills divots, and grinds the surface for a seamless finish.

The duration of the project, ranging from 2-5 days on average, depends on size and finish. The lead time will be communicated by our friendly team upon booking.

For residential areas, the approximate guide is 18-24 months,
while industrial areas with heavy traffic typically have an 18-month lifespan.

Clean the floor using a broom, vacuum, or mop, and wash with water and a neutral cleaning product; avoid strong cleaning agents to prevent sealer damage.

Quartz Coatings stone installation is suitable for diverse settings like hotels, casinos, libraries, museums, airports, offices, or any location desiring a durable, seamless, and aesthetic finish.