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Transform Your Space

the perfect

Quartz Coatings are the reliable and trusted experts who can help you with great quality flooring solutions. Our experts have a wealth of knowledge for both older and modern buildings. We will be able to assist you with finding the most suitable stone flooring that fits your home perfectly, while providing you with a prompt installation.

We understand the importance of design and aesthetics which is why we want to provide a long lasting product that is both visually appealing and durable. Quartz stone flooring is UV resistant contributing to a longer lifespan for your home, business or commercial site.
Transform Your Space


As a family-owned and operated business based in Victoria, our trusted team of professionals will ensure only the best work is performed in your space. From residential to commercial sites, our professionals are ready to help prepare and install high-quality stone carpet designs into your floors or walls.

Quartz Coatings will transform the quality, appeal and value of your flooring and can protect your floor from discolouration and damage caused by daily foot traffic and wear. Natural stone colours, unique texture and incredible durability is what separates the quality of our quartz stones.